What Is The Gospel?

The Gospel is a story of “good news.” Thousands of years ago, God created this world and everything in it. He created people, men and women like you and me, so that they would know Him and be with Him. But God’s people quickly turned their backs on Him and chose their own way. When they did, a new reality of darkness and distance from God ushered in. However, God set a plan in motion to reclaim this creation that He loved and longed to be with. He sent His Son, Jesus, into the world as a way back to Himself. Through His life, Jesus taught us what God is like. Through His death, He took the judgment for our rebellion. Through His resurrection, He opened the door for us to have life with God for all of eternity.  And now, through His Holy Spirit, He continues to draw people into His story and make their lives new.

Why Does It Need To Be Lived Out?

The Gospel is a story that changes lives. For centuries, this story has rescued all kinds of people from lives of brokenness and has brought hope, meaning, and newness. In view of that, this is not just a story to be told. As we continue to encounter the Gospel and find our place in it, we want to live in light of its hope and promises. This means that we see our place in the world through a new lens – as men and women who show the people around us what the Author of the Gospel story is like.

Why Together?

The Gospel is a story of togetherness. God did not create us to be alone. He created us for community with Himself and with the rest of His creation. So as we find our place in this story, we don’t have to live it out by ourselves. God has given us one another with the intent that we would do this together. Not only does that benefit us, but as we step into the kind of Church that God wants us to be, we want our love for each other to represent Him to the world in compelling ways.

What Does This Mean For You?

You need to know it’s all about Jesus

Every one of us struggles to find purpose, answers, and help. Some days we just want to keep our heads above water—take care of the kids, pay the bills, and make ends meet. We all want to feel we have what it takes, to find purpose and to be connected.  But we also have deeper questions. Why am I here? Is this all there is? Who am I? What happens when I die?  Is there really a God?

Jesus matters because He came, God Himself in all His glory and wonder, to reveal His glory in our moments of question, confusion, and need.  Our sin, that condition of our soul, keeps us from a holy and loving God.  We can’t do it without Jesus.  He came to give us life, breath, hope, and answers to our deepest questions. He came to give us a purpose for living now and settle the question of where we’ll spend eternity.

You need to know Jesus brings meaning to your life

God, the Creator of the universe, has a plan for you and your life. He loves you and desires this incredible relationship with you because He made you—on purpose, for a purpose. He knows you need help. He knows your sin.  He knows you can’t do it on your own.

That’s why He sent Jesus.

You don’t have to measure up to some impossible religious standard to know God—you can’t. Only Jesus can, and has for you. Jesus reveals meaning and purpose to all the struggles you’re facing.  He forgives your sin and creates a way for a relationship with God through His death and resurrection.  You don’t have to be good enough, clean up your act, or follow some super-spiritual checklist to get into some sought after social club.  This isn’t a club – this is a relationship, one that you are desperately searching and longing for.

It’s here.  It’s now.  It’s Jesus.

You need to know what to do now

If you are ready to meet Jesus and step into this incredible relationship with him, it can start by a step of faith to believe and a confession of your need for Him.  It can be as simple as a prayer like this:

“Dear Lord Jesus, I admit that I’ve fallen short. I’ve sinned and need your forgiveness. I believe that You lived, died and rose again so that I could be connected to God. I confess you as my Lord and commit my life to You. I give you my past, present, and future. Take my life and use it. I give it to You. Amen.”

If you prayed to meet Jesus, or have more questions, please let us know! We want to help you take the next step.  We invite you to stop by this Sunday or contact us and we would love to meet you and walk this journey with you, connecting you with Jesus and His church.