2 Year Olds

2 Year Olds have a dedicated space just for them! We know that even at an early age, toddlers can understand important truths of who God is so we have designed Sunday morning to engage them with God’s truth through lessons, music, and activities all delivered by caring leaders.

What to Expect

Sunday morning starts with check-in. You will be given a name tag for your toddler and a “pick-up” tag to keep until after the service. This ensures the security of your child because both tags must match before we release a toddler. Your toddler will then head to their room. The classroom is designed to keep your toddler safe, comfortable and learning. While in the room your little ones will be engaged with God’s truth through lessons, music, and activities.

Have Questions?

We want to answer any questions you have.

If we still have not answered your question, please contact us at Kids@westwindchurch.org