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What should I expect at a service at Westwind?

When you walk through the main entrance of Waukee South Middle School, you will be met with welcoming faces and the smell of fresh Coffee. As the service starts, you will notice a laid-back environment where people authentically worship God and listen to a biblical Message.  Basically, people are meeting with and worshiping God. To get a preview, listen to our latest sermon and hear the songs we sing.

What should I wear?

Whatever you normally wear. We are more concerned with meeting you than with what you wear. At Westwind you’ll see nearly every style of clothing. So, dress comfortably, and you’ll fit right in.

Do you offer something for my teenager?

Absolutely! Westwind has mid-week Life Groups, special events and age appropriate environments for your Middle School and High School student(s). During our Sunday morning service our students are either volunteering in our Kids Ministry or participating in the worship service.

 Take a look at our Student ministry programs.

How do you keep the Children’s area secure?

Our children’s area is monitored so that only kids, parents or caretakers with a corresponding security tag can enter the area.  This ensures no person enters the area where your children are. Also, at pickup, the person picking up the child must have a matching tag that corresponds to the kid’s tag.  These tags are printed as you check-in to ensure safety.  We also have security teams that are monitoring the hallways throughout the morning.

Do you require volunteers to have a background check?

Absolutely! Our mission is to provide an environment that is fun, SAFE, and biblically sound.  Every volunteer is required to have a background check before they can serve.

How will I know if my child needs me during the service?

When you check in, we gather minimal, but important information.  One thing we ask for is a mobile number of a phone you have with you.  If a situation arises where you are needed, we will text or call you.

My child has allergies, will they be safe?

We do all we can to accommodate children with allergies. If your child has an allergy, that information is stored in our system and their printed tag will indicate the allergy so our volunteers will be aware. If this is a concern of yours, please contact us, and we will do everything we can to accommodate your child.

What if my child has special instructions or special needs?

We are here to help! When you check-in, you are asked if your child has any special instructions or needs.  If they do, we take note then.  Also, you will have an opportunity to discuss with the volunteers in the room as well.  Please feel free to contact us with any specific needs.

Can someone pray with me or for me?

We would love to pray for you. At the end of each service, there are always prayer partners waiting to pray for you. You can also always write your pray requests on the handout you are given when you walk in.  Our elders and staff pray over those weekly.

Why do you meet in a school?

The first and simple answer is that renting is much cheaper than buying in a quickly growing and affluent community like Waukee.  Where we save money in partnering with the Waukee School District allows us to invest in staff to lead and care for our church and reach our community with the Gospel.

The second answer is that our desire is to be culturally engaged and involved in our community, and partnering with the Waukee School District for our space allows for that to happen intentionally and effectively.

Will we always meet in a school? Most likely not, and we are trusting God to lead us, in His time, to move into a more permanent space. Until then, we are incredibly thankful for the Waukee School District.

You meet in a school, so where is your office?

We meet in a school for our Sunday morning worship gathering, but during the week, we work at our office complex.  This building houses our office and “The Commons”, a multipurpose room that many of our ministries use.

To find our address, go to contact us.

How do I become an owner of Westwind?

At Westwind we call membership–Ownership. It helps our people see their responsibility in helping our church thrive. Owners are people who say, “This is my church family.” For more information about becoming an owner, click here.

Is Westwind The Church For Me?

We hope so, but we also recognize that we are only one small part of the much larger Body of Christ throughout our community and beyond. If you find that Westwind doesn’t feel like home, we would love to help you get connected to a church where you can dig deep into the Gospel, grow in your relationship with Jesus and connect to like-minded, mission minded community. In fact, we have compiled a list of some of the outstanding churches in the Des Moines area with which we have great relationships.

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