Becoming an Owner

What is an Owner?

Becoming an owner at Westwind is a commitment to identify yourself with Christ in the local Church. Many churches call this membership, but we call it being an owner to help communicate its importance. Ownership is not just for attenders, but for those committed to our Mission, and to intentionally make disciples at Westwind.

Owner Commitments:

Our owners are the ones in our church who are committed to bring about our mission of reflecting the love of God to impact others for Christ.

How do I become an Owner?

Commit to being an active part of our celebration and worship services on Sunday mornings.   In addition, part of worshiping God fully is generously giving, we call it tithing.

Commit to community and engaging in life on life environments with others at Westwind. We call these smaller communities LIFEGroups at Westwind. Take the initiative to get involved with a LIFEGroup. It is out of these groups we mobilize our church to serve the community.

Commit to serve and reach others by contributing and serving in the ministries at Westwind. There are options for everyone no matter your skill set or availability. See volunteer opportunities.

If you are involved in these areas of our church, you are on your way to becoming an owner. Please take some time to fill out your information and answer some questions to formally start the process.