Welcome to Woosh!

Woosh is the online tool for our Worshiping Community.  We use it to communicate, register for events, manage all church groups, and to give financially.  Basically, we use it to keep you connected with others and to make you aware of ministry events and news. We encourage every regular attender and owner of Westwind to have an account. Request an Account.

Getting Started

  • Make It Yours

    Take control of your account by adding or updating your contact information. This is the information we will use to contact you about news and events, so make sure it is up-to-date.  Also, we would also like to place a face with a name. Upload a photo of yourself.

  • Customize Preferences

    You have control of your information in Woosh.  While on your profile page, go to Profile Settings > Update Privacy Settings to adjust who has access to your information. Go to Profile Settings > Set Communication Prefs to adjust what information you get from Westwind.


Your Westwind Account